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“Science is about knowing; engineering is about doing” rightly said by Henry Petroski. We here at Ramaiah Institute of Technology believe in doing because just knowing about something is not sufficient. If you want to excel at something you need to do that thing practically. As we all know that Bangalore (Bengaluru) is considered as an I.T. hub. Admission in engineering colleges Bangalore will always be an added advantage for the aspirants who see their future in developing and transforming technologies.

ms ramaiah institute of technology admission


There are several options for direct admission in Top Engineering Colleges, but the aspirant needs to have a bit of research regarding the best possible options. Engineering is a course that comprises of many subjects in different semesters. So one needs to get aware of his/her interests and likings as after completion of this course it will be his/her profession which must be truly justified. The Courses available in M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology in engineering are Civil, Mechanical, Electrical & Electronics, Electronics & Communication, Computer Science, Chemical, Industrial engineering & management, Electronics & Instrumentation, Information Science, Telecommunication, Medical Electronics, and Biotechnology.

Other than engineering MBA, MCA, M. Tech, and Research Programs are also available as an option for higher studies. IT industries are prominent in Bangalore but there are other good industries as well that absorb candidates from other different streams and higher education as well. There are few seats for direct admission in MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology which can be only availed by those aspirants who reach earliest.

Bangalore is a preferred destination for studies because of diversified students from all over the world are catered with different courses. According to a study, 65% of the population of Bangalore is comprised of people coming from other states, so outside students feel comfortable here to study, do the job and move ahead in life. Management Quota admission in MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology is also a good option. There are some seats reserved for this.

Relying on any college for your future can be a risky approach. Instead one should have a good research about the institution in which admission is to be taken. Consistent quality education, good placements, world-class teaching facilities year after year makes an institution reputable. Ranking of MS Ramaiah is 45th in India, which shows its commitment towards excellence. Besides this, it has 46 industrial collaborations which mean the student will get full industrial exposure during their course of studies and will be aware of working culture of industries, which will be an added advantage for them.

The ultimate goal of quality education is to get placed in a reputed company. Placement of MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology is a benchmark in the field of engineering education; it has 95% placement percentage, which means if you are investing your family’s precious money in quality education you can expect sure results out of that, that too in a relevant and a good company. Therefore, the right launch-pad is waiting to shape your future which can lead you to a life that you may have only dreamt of. It’s time to make those dreams come true by taking the first step, choosing the best and you know what it is.


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